Public Broadcast, Private Eyes

Private Detectives from PBS' Mystery! Lord knows, the American public broadcasting network PBS's flagship crime anthology series MYSTERY! isn't exactly known for its tough, gritty fare. Nope, it's been mostly aimed at American Anglophiles of a certain class, and as such it's been largely domestics and cozies, featuring assorted Lord Muckymucks, Inspector Flacid Chin-Jones, plucky … Continue reading Public Broadcast, Private Eyes

Mystery! (aka “Masterpiece Mystery”)

(1980--) Mystery! is a long-running American television anthology series, produced by WGBH Boston for PBS, featuring predominately British mystery stories, usually literary adaptations. When the show, intended as a spin-off of the popular PBS show Masterpiece Theatre, made its debut in 1980, however, nobody suspected it would have such an influence on crime and mystery fiction. Helped along … Continue reading Mystery! (aka “Masterpiece Mystery”)

Cordelia Gray

Created by P.D. James (1920–2014) "She wanted to appear efficient, but not too efficient." -- Cordelia in An Unsuitable Job for a Woman A far cry fromt G.G. Fickling's Honey West or Carter Brown's Mavis Seidlitz. One of the true Grand Dames of Mystery Fiction, P.D. James should get credit for also creating the modern female … Continue reading Cordelia Gray

Hercule Poirot

Created by Agatha Christie (1890-1976) "My name is Hercule Poirot. I am probably the greatest detective in the world." (modest bastard, isn't he?) Yes, yes, yes, HERCULE POIROT was so a private detective. No, he was not hard-boiled. He wasn't some rye-guzzling brute in a trenchcoat and fedora, with an eye for the ladies, a … Continue reading Hercule Poirot