Lackland Ask

Created by Colin Deerwood Pseudonym of Pat Nolan "Lackland Ask is the name.  ‘Lack’ to my friends, ‘Don’t’ to those who think they’re funny. You might have seen my portrait on the cover of Black Mask, the crime friction magazine. This is my story.  It starts with a blonde.  This kind of story always starts … Continue reading Lackland Ask

John Hunchman & David Purefoy (Dicktown)

Created by John Hodgman & David Rees Who says cartoons are for kids? In the clever and decidedly adult cartoon Dicktown (2000, FXX), maladjusted, socially awkward middle-aged private eye JOHN HUNCHMAN and his slacker sidekick DAVID PUREFOY (voiced by series creators and co-writers John Hodgman and David Rees) aren't going anywhere. They're still living in small North Carolina town … Continue reading John Hunchman & David Purefoy (Dicktown)

Rachel Carver

Created byJ.R. Backlund RACHEL CARVER didn't leave the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation with a Golden Handshake -- she got out of there by the skin of her teeth after a raid went south, resulting in the death of an innocent. Rather than play along with the massive cover-up by her superiors, she chucked … Continue reading Rachel Carver

Casey Jones

By Katy Munger “I never smoke after sex, though I have been known to purr.” -- the first line of Money to Burn "Tired of female P.I.s who simper around and do dumb things and spend half their time bitching about bad relationships? Then read Legwork from Avon Books and meet CASEY JONES..." That little … Continue reading Casey Jones