“Peekaboo” Frankie Fagan

Created by James Dalessandro According to reader Angelo Hazifotis, "If you have not read James Dalessandro's Bohemian Heart (1993)...you're missing one of the most beloved and original P.I.'s of the nineties." “PEEKABOO” FRANKIE FAGAN is a former San Francisco cop turned long-haired private eye who runs the City Lights Detective Agency, and definitely marches to his … Continue reading “Peekaboo” Frankie Fagan

Dan Reno

Created by Dave Stanton "As we came off the mountain and glided onto the desert floor outside of Carson City, a jackrabbit darted in front of the car so quickly that Edward didn’t have time to react. We ran straight over it... I wondered if it was an omen." Hard-luck DAN RENO (pronounced "Renault"), who … Continue reading Dan Reno