Easton Newburn (Newburn)

Created by Chip Zdarsky (text) and Jacob Phillips (art) "Okay, enough's enough. Who the fuck is this guy?" -- a confused cop Hoo-boy! Talk about double-dipping. Not content with handling the art for his and writer Chris Condon's stellar crime comic That Texas Blood, a primo slab of hard-boiled Lone Star darkness, Jacob Phillips is tackling the … Continue reading Easton Newburn (Newburn)

Jules Tremaine

Created by Norvell W. Page Pseudonyms included G. Wayman Jones, N. Wooten Poge, Randolph Craig & Grant Stockbridge (1904-1961) "That grenade must have ruined my guitar. I'll have to buy a new one." Prolific pulpster Norvell W. Page, although he was best known for churning out countless novel-length adventures featuring proto-superhero The Spider for the pulp of the … Continue reading Jules Tremaine

Vince Slader

Created by Ovid DeMaris Pseudonym of Ovid E. Desmarais (1919-1998) Los Angeles private eye VINCE SLADER is an ex-cop with a weakness for booze and dames in trouble, in the 1959 paperback original from Avon, The Long Night. In it, he's hired by a casino to hunt down a gambler who's run up a $28,000 tab, … Continue reading Vince Slader