Slim Callaghan

Created by Peter Cheyney (1896-1951) Hard-boiled (some would argue over-boiled), bull-in-a-china-shop SLIM CALLAGHAN, prone to lying to just about anyone about just about anything, is--after Lemmy Caution--the most famous of Cheyney's tough guys. Unlike Lemmy, readers are mercifully spared the ersatz Americanisms--Slim is an English tough guy, a private eye working in England. Anthony Boucher even … Continue reading Slim Callaghan

Lemmy Caution

Created by Peter Cheyney (1896-1951) "It's hot as hell. Away down the dirt road some guy's playin' one of them wailin' Mexican fandangles which give me that twilight feelin'... maybe it'd be a relief to start dyin'." -- Don't Get Me Wrong Arguably his most popular creation, Australian writer Peter Cheyney's LEMMY CAUTION started out in This … Continue reading Lemmy Caution