Danny O’Brien (Silver City)

Created by John Sayles Silver City was a 2004 indie flick by John Sayles rushed out in an attempt to derail the re-election of George W. Bush and the Republicans in that year's American presidential election. It didn’t work. Sure, on the political level, it's easy to see it as just another over-exuberant bit of … Continue reading Danny O’Brien (Silver City)

Hector Belascoarán Shayne

Created by Paco Ignacio Taibo II (1949- ) "It was a joke. just one hell of a big joke. Thinking that he could be a detective in Mexico. It was crazy." --Hector ponders his chosen profession in An Easy Thing Mexico City's one-eyed HECTOR BELASCOARÁN SHAYNE (his mother was an Irish folksinger, and his father … Continue reading Hector Belascoarán Shayne