HBO’S Perry Mason

It's the Stubble, Stupid! After wading through the sordid wallow that was HBO’s PERRY MASON, my first urge was to dig up some of my tattered paperbacks by Erle Stanley Gardner, or stream a few episodes of the old TV show starring Raymond Burr. I might even dig up some of the flicks from the … Continue reading HBO’S Perry Mason

Don’t Call ’em a Bargain!

You see 'em everywhere online. These dirt cheap, scan-and-print e-compilations of novels and short stories by some of the better known (but not A-list) authors of the genre. Twenty-Five Hard-Boiled Classics, Volume Eight! The Amazing Sherlock Holmes and Watson Megapack! Gritty Crime from the Pulps, Collection 15! Five More Great Awesome and Amazing Crime Novels … Continue reading Don’t Call ’em a Bargain!

The Return of Magnum P.I.

Really? Well, it had to happen. As the increasingly cynical wusses of film and television industry continue to strip mine the past for any licensed tidbits worth resurrecting, I knew it was only a matter of time before they got around to the Mustachioed One. Not that the new edition of perennial eighties cheese-fest Magnum … Continue reading The Return of Magnum P.I.