Donald Westlake

Pseudonyms include Alan Marshal, Edwin West, Edwina West, Edwin Wood, Richard Stark, Tucker Coe, Timothy J. Culver, Samuel Holt, Curt Clark, J. Morgan Cunningham, Ben Christopher, Grace Salacious (1933-2008) Simply the best. One of the most accomplished crime writers ever, and certainly one of the funniest in the hard-boiled school, Donald Edwin Edward Westlake was … Continue reading Donald Westlake


Created by Richard Stark Pseudonym of ¬†Donald Westlake (1933-2008) "I'm only the messenger!" "Now you're the message," Parker told him, and shot him. -- Parker explains the facts of life, in Butcher's Moon Definitely not a private eye. Hell, sometimes he's so cold and ruthless, he's barely human. Maybe a shark, or some other predator? … Continue reading Parker

My Scrapbook: “The Exploiters” Magazine Spread

My Scrapbook ¬†"The Exploiters" Magazine Spread Better late than never, I suppose. This is the spread from the February 1968 issue of Men's Only magazine, kicking off an excerpt from Richard Stark's 1962 novel The Hunter (aka Payback), published six years earlier. It was the first of long-running and critically acclaimed series of novels about … Continue reading My Scrapbook: “The Exploiters” Magazine Spread