My Scrapbook: “The Exploiters” Magazine Spread

My Scrapbook

 “The Exploiters” Magazine Spread

Better late than never, I suppose. This is the spread from the February 1968 issue of Men’s Only magazine, kicking off an excerpt from Richard Stark‘s 1962 novel The Hunter (aka Payback), published six years earlier. It was the first of long-running and critically acclaimed series of novels about cold, ruthless professional criminal Parker. The illustration was by Earl Norem, a legendary illustrator, best known for this covers for men’s-adventure magazines and Marvel’s over-sized black-and-white comics mags. Stark, of course, was a pen name of Donald Westlake.

All credit to this discovery, though, ought to go to American Pulps, the brainchild of Matt Pagourgis and John Borges, a one-stop “Melting Pot of Mayhem,” full of nice, juicy pulp fibre (articles, illustrations, videos, body parts, etc.). They’re the ones who came across this great illustration, and posted it on Twitter, Instagram and other no doubt even-more nefarious places.

Still, when I saw it, I had to share…

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