Joe Dancer

Created by Robert Blake (1933-2023) You want to know how much moolah Robert Blake made for ABC during his run in Baretta? Here's a hint: when Baretta ended, NBC--no doubt sniffing a cash cow--was willing to air not one but several pilots for a hard-boiled private eye series Blake had concocted, and gave him carte … Continue reading Joe Dancer

Welcome to L.A.

Opening Remarks by Robert Crais On Friday night, February 28, 2003 in Pasadena, 2003 Left Coast Crime Guest of Honor Robert Crais gave a speech, welcoming attendees. Here's the text: "I WANT TO EXPLAIN where we are and why we're here, so let me give you a fix in time and place: The year was 1958--a … Continue reading Welcome to L.A.

Joe Pike

Created by Robert Crais "Joe Pike is a conscious representative of our righteous rage at injustice. He is what happens when society fails." -- Crais explains Pike in The Line-Up. A longtime fan favourite, JOE PIKE is the strong silent partner of Robert Crais' Elvis Cole, appearing in all his books. But in 2007, Pike finally took … Continue reading Joe Pike

Elvis Cole

Created by Robert Crais (1953--) Only in L.A. You haven't seen a P.I. like this one, I'll bet. He has a Mickey Mouse phone and a Pinocchio wall clock in his office on Santa Monica Boulevard, drinks his coffee out of a Spider-Man mug, frequently quotes Jiminy Cricket and claims he wants to be Peter … Continue reading Elvis Cole

Props & Peeves

Private Eye Stories from A Real-Life P.I. By Colleen Collins Okay, true confession time here. Yes, I'm a working professional private investigator , but the truth is... I love reading about fictional private eyes' searches for hidden truths down a wide variety of mean streets. I just love the stuff, and I'm honoured to have … Continue reading Props & Peeves