Al Darlan (aka Al Diamond)

Created by Edward D. Hoch Pseudonymsinclude Stephen Dentinger, Ellery Queen, R.L. Stevens, Anthony Circus, R. E. Porter and Pat McMahon (1930-2008) AL DARLAN is the legendary short story writer Edward D. Hoch's contribution to private eyedom. Al's a California eye with a good rep, who has been in the biz a long time, appearing in … Continue reading Al Darlan (aka Al Diamond)

Lin Melchan

Created by Warren Lucas Pseudonym of John Kobler (1910-2000) He's usually lumped in with the infamous "defective detectives" of the "weird menace" pulps of the 1930s, but private eye LIN MELCHAN's "affliction" is pretty much the opposite of that of Leon Byrne's deaf detective Dan Holden. Lin was blessed (or was it cursed?) with a … Continue reading Lin Melchan

Pete Chambers

Created by Henry Kane Pseudonyms include Anthony McCall, Kenneth R. McKay & Mario J. Sagola (1918-88) PETER CHAMBERS is a swingin' kinda guy, who started life referring to himself as a "private richard" and ended up the head gumshoe in a handful of soft porn novels. What a dick! Originally, Pete was a man with … Continue reading Pete Chambers

Ben Bryn

Created by Russell Gray Pseudonym of Bruno Fischer Other pseudonyms include Harrison Storm (1908-92) A childhood bout with polio left pulp private eye BEN BRYN with a pair of withered and almost useless legs. But that didn't stop the 5'2" gumshoe from developing an extremely powerful upper torso, grim determination and a razor-sharp mind. As … Continue reading Ben Bryn

The Hard-Boiled Detective

Created by Ben Solomon Pseudonym of Jeremy Aaron Pollack (1959-2014) "I don't mean to be cute. But sometimes my line of work calls for it." Pulp? On a subscription basis? Digitally? Sure. It may have been a whole new world out there, but Ben Solomon's THE HARD-BOILED DETECTIVE was a delicious and unapologetic throwback to another, simpler … Continue reading The Hard-Boiled Detective

Hannibal Smith

Created by C. William Harrison Peseudonyms include Coe Williams and Will Hickok (1913-1994) HANNIBAL SMITH (no relation to the A-Team) is a sort of troubleshooter who appeared in a handful of stories in Dime Detective in 1945-46. Ten years and ninety or so years ago, he used to be a boxer, but "fat, forty and futile," … Continue reading Hannibal Smith

Charlie Byrne

Created by Kieran Shea “Whoa now! Somebody pinch me! Charlie Byrne? Is there a full moon out tonight or what? How’s the whitest motherfucker this brother know?” --Deech greets Charlie in "Happenstance Therapy" CHARLIE BYRNE is a struggling Atlantic City-based private eye who appeared in a dozen or so hard, tough stories by Kieran Shea, … Continue reading Charlie Byrne

Stuart Kovacs

Created by Sarah Weinman Once upon a time, in 2005, the Divine Ms. Sarah Weinman, the Crime Fiction Sweetheart of the Internet and the Queen of the Blogs (cf: Confessions of an Idosyncratic Mind), made her long-awaited Thrilling Detective Web Site fiction debut with "Out of Clay," a sly piece of whimsy which introduced STUART … Continue reading Stuart Kovacs

Jack Brady

Created by Robert W. Tinsley "I sat in the oldest cemetery in El Paso, dressed in my Sneaky-Suit, black sneakers, socks, pants, gloves, sweater, and watch cap with every exposed square inch of skin covered in black make up. I was ready for a minstrel show or a commando raid, whichever came along first." -- … Continue reading Jack Brady

Big Bull Benson

Created by Percy Spurlark Parker The South side of Chicago is one of the baddest parts of town, and BIG BULL BENSON, at six-six and tipping the scales at 285, is not a man to mess with, anywhere--never mind his home turf. He's a gambler with a taste for Grand-Dad and sticking his nose in … Continue reading Big Bull Benson