Edward Mercer (Venetian Bird)

Created by Victor Canning (1911-86) Private eye EDWARD MERCER, like most of prolific British thriller writer Victor Canning's other P.I. creations (such as James Helder and Rex Carver) leans more toward the international thriller than the mean streets, but that doesn't mean they're not worth checking out. In Bird of Prey (1950; aka “The Venetian Bird"), … Continue reading Edward Mercer (Venetian Bird)

Marco “The Alligator” Buratti

Created by Massimo Carlotto "I spent a large part of my life hoping to see a happy multitude achieve their dreams.  Instead, I find myself surrounded by legions of individuals who are dead inside, who are resigned to being robbed of their lives…So, in a world as cruel as this, you have to survive.  Whatever … Continue reading Marco “The Alligator” Buratti

Sara Scott

Created by Karl Alexander "Tequila? It's a little early for me. It doesn't go with toothpaste." In the 1980 novel A Private Investigation, young widow SARA SCOTT takes a job as a Venice, California private eye so she can continue to search for her late journalist husband's killers (he wrote for Rolling Stone). Not as … Continue reading Sara Scott