“Big Jim” Foote

Created by Tom Bredehoft This private eye is a little different—he ain't human! Nope, “BIG JIM” FOOTE is the genre’s first Sasquatch Shamus, a fact not immediately recognized by the good citizens of Morgantown, West Virginia. They simply don’t suspect that the friendly local P.I with the rather large feet is “one of them,” living … Continue reading “Big Jim” Foote

Henry Malone

Created by James D.F. Hannah Pseudonym of Chad Williamson "Christmas was coming... Brenda Lee had been rockin' round the Chritmas tree so long store cashiers were on suicide watch." -- opening to Midnight Lullaby Another "indie-published" private eye, former State Trooper HENRY MALONE makes his debut in the originally e-book-only Midnight Lullaby (2015). Henry's a … Continue reading Henry Malone

Owen Allison

Created by John Billheimer When things go bad, the Feds send in the U.S. Department of Transportation "failure analyst" OWEN ALLISON, who's usually more than happy to put the bureaucratic bullshit and petty office politcs of Washington in his rearview. Especially if the assignment takes him home to West Virginia. And once he's cut loose … Continue reading Owen Allison