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Hack Bohannon

Created by Joseph Hansen Pseudonyms include include Rose Brock & James Colton (1923-2004) Tall, lean, with a "shock of Indian-black hair," usually clad in jeans, cowboy boots and a plaid shirt, HACK BOHANNON looks more like a cowboy than a private detective. And, if he had his druthers, that's probably the way he'd prefer it. … Continue reading Hack Bohannon

Nick Archer (Liar’s Kiss)

Created by Eric Skillman & Jhomar Soriano “I don’t even know what the hell I’m doing! I follow people around and take pictures for Christ’s sake! I’m no detective!" Private eye NICK ARCHER isn't much of a private eye, but he sure can be a dick in Liar's Kiss, a 2011 graphic novel by writer … Continue reading Nick Archer (Liar’s Kiss)

Solar Pons

Created by August Derleth (1909-71) "How many budding authors, not even old enough to vote, could have captured the spirit and atmosphere with as much fidelity?" -- Ellery Queen on"The Norcross Riddle" One of the most popular--and certainly the longest-running--Sherlock Holmes pastiches of all comes from the heart of the American Midwest. When he was … Continue reading Solar Pons

Sam Quinton

Created by Kevin R. Doyle “If you’d been ready for it, I would have hit you a whole lot harder and you’d still be down.” Well, it takes all kinds. SAM QUINTON is a former professional wrestler of all things, turned part-time private investigator and full-time owner of The Blaster gym in Providence, Missouri, trading … Continue reading Sam Quinton

Lesley Shane

Created by Conrad Frost & Oliver Passingham Before Honey West, before Ms. Tree and Kinsey and V.I. and Lisbeth and all the rest, there was LESLEY SHANE, written by Conrad Frost and drawn by British artist Oliver Passingham. A savvy, competent private eye doing what had to be done, right there in public for all to see in … Continue reading Lesley Shane

Huo Sang

Created by Cheng Xiaoqing (1893-1976) Chinese author Cheng Xiaoqing started his literary career in the early 1910s, translating Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories—surely one of the best ways to lift the lid and get a look at the works. It wasn’t long before he figured out, in those heady pre-revolution days, that China deserved … Continue reading Huo Sang

Jane “Effing” Smith

Created by James Patterson & Mike Lupica James Patterson, of course, is the best selling author in the solar system, unleashing a tsunami of books on an almost weekly basis, with the help of an impressive rogue’s gallery of co-authors, while Mike Lupica has filled a bookshelf or so himself with his YA sports books … Continue reading Jane “Effing” Smith

Pat Colombo

Created by Pat Colombo Pseudonym of G. Edward Mulgrue Other pseudonyms include Peter Cairns One of the great standalones? That’s what a few folks have been saying about Throw Back the Little Ones, an obscure little (158 pages) paperback original, published by Avon in 1963. It follows PATRICK COLOMBO, an American private eye who travels to Rome and ends up … Continue reading Pat Colombo

Cayetano Brulé

Created by Roberto Ampuero Havana-born CAYETANO BRULÉ and his family emigrated to Florida just before Castro took over, and he grew up on the streets of Miami, where he became an American citizen and was promptly drafted. He ducked Vietnam, though, and did his military service in Frankfurt. In 1971 when he was in his … Continue reading Cayetano Brulé

Really South of the Border

South American & Latin American Eyes Despite the fact that in real life private investigation is booming in South America these days (according to Edilmar Lima, the president of a leading Brasilia-based detectives' association with more than 2,000 investigadores on its books, very few private eye novels from South American have been written, much less translated … Continue reading Really South of the Border