Ming (The Kill)

Created by Rolf Bayer & James E. Gubersky

The Kill (1975) finds solid, dependable perennial supporting actor Richard Jaeckel (Spenser for Hire, Banyon, The Drowning Pool,  The Dirty Dozen, etc., etc.) finally cast in the lead. Alas, it’s as MING, a stereotypical, straight-from-the-checklist hard-boiled, womanizing private eye in The Kill, a cheesy, misguided martial arts action thriller.


He has been assigned to track down an international crime ring, run by the sort of folks who have no qualms about knocking someone off just to keep in practice. The film, apparently produced by the UN, was set  in Macao, and boasts a truly diverse cast from all over the world, some of whom can act. It’s hard to tell–much of the grainy, out of focus version I saw seems to be dubbed. Poorly.


  • THE KILL | Buy the DVD
    (1975, Arbee/New World Video)
    81 minutes
    Story by Rolf Bayer and James E. Gubersky
    Screenplay by Rolf Bayer
    Directed by Rolf Bayer
    Starring Richard Jaeckel as MING
    Also starring Henry Duval, Judy Washington, Bobby Canavarro, Tita Muñoz, Jimmy Shaw, Julie Choi, Sart Shao Chung, Christina Hui, Bill Jervis, Cheong Keong, Rich King, Mak Chi Kwong
Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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