Florian Slappey

Created by Octavus Roy Cohen (1891-1959)     Man, those were different times... One of the first black detectives, and an early proto-eye, FLORIAN SLAPPEY was a tall, slim drink of water, a "colored gentleman," a well-dressed and well-known man about town who decides to leave "Bumminham", Alabama" for the bright lights and big city … Continue reading Florian Slappey

Nate Hollis (Angeltown)

Created by Gary Phillips Los Angeles writer Gary Phillips, the creator of black private eye Ivan Monk, is no stranger to comics. Which may explain why the comic book exploits of private eye NATE HOLLIS in Angeltown from DC Comics' Vertigo imprint smacks the sweet spot with a vengeance. Originally, the star of the series … Continue reading Nate Hollis (Angeltown)

Ace Harlem

Created by John Terrill and Orrin C. Evans ACE HARLEM, the "famed Negro detective," appeared once and only once, in the first and only issue of All-Negro Comics, a collection of all-new stories put out by the company of the same name, way back in 1947. The book, the brainchild of journalist Orrin C. Evans, … Continue reading Ace Harlem