My Scrapbook: Crime Illustrated

My Scrapbook Crime Illustrated Crime Illustrated was a short-lived magazine from 1955-56 which lived in a weird area somewhere between the pulps and comic books. It promised "Adult Suspense Stories" and boldly claimed to have invented "PICTO-FICTION: A New Form of Adult Entertainment." Uh-huh... It was printed on pulp paper, looked to be about pulp … Continue reading My Scrapbook: Crime Illustrated

Gregg Saunders

Created by Al Feldstein and Johnny Craig Private eye GREGG SAUNDERS, as far as I know, made only one appearance, but it's a memorable enough one; a nice slice of comic book noir done EC-style, scripted by the legendary Al Feldstein and pencilled and inked by comic artist Johnny Craig, and coloured Marie Severin, both … Continue reading Gregg Saunders