Jake Longly

Created by D.P. Lyle "Ray was of the opinion that running a bar and chasing bikinis was not a career. I disagreed." -- Deep Six I dunno. There's so much about JAKE LONGLY┬áthat seems, well, calculated. As though the author, D.P. Lyle, was working his way down a checklist of 1980s television P.I. tropes or … Continue reading Jake Longly

Ennis Skinner

Created by Kirk Curnett Who says the North has all the fun? Fans of The Drive-By Trucker's Dirty South album ought to get a kick out of ENNIS SKINNER, a fallen Alabama football star recently sprung from prison after a ten-year stretch. All Ennis wants to do is do right, and take care of his … Continue reading Ennis Skinner