Kate Warne

Created (well, fictionalized) by Greer Macallister Inspired by real-life operative for the equally real-life Pinkerton Detective Agency, Girl in Disguise (2017) presents an occasionally fictionalized version of the extraordinary life of KATE WARNE, one of that agency's first female ops. A determined young widow trying to scrape by on the mean streets of 1850s Chicago, … Continue reading Kate Warne

The Fictional Allan J. Pinkerton

Created (well, fictionalized, anyway) by Eric Lerner, Michael P. Spradlin and Daniel Stashower "Dainties and a gun. Oh, she was irresistible." -- Pinkerton's Secret by Eric Lerner Of course, more than one smart aleck in the back of the room will be tempted to suggest that most of what ALLAN J. PINKERTON wrote about his own … Continue reading The Fictional Allan J. Pinkerton

Charlie Siringo

(1855 – 1928) A lot of folks have tried to trace the "private eye," as we understand the term, to the American cowboy myth. While I think it actually goes back further than that, you could certainly make a case if you consider American lawman, detective and bounty hunter, CHARLIE SIRINGO. He's a fascinating character, a real-life … Continue reading Charlie Siringo

Allan J. Pinkerton and the Pinkerton Detective Agency

  To say that Allan J. Pinkerton (1819-1884) lead a colorful life is a little bit of an understatement. In his long and varied career he was called a traitor and a patriot, an outlaw and a police officer, a thug and an idealist, a left-leaning political activist fighting for the plight of the workers and … Continue reading Allan J. Pinkerton and the Pinkerton Detective Agency