Nick Knatterton (aka “Nikolaus Kuno Freiherr von Knatter”)

Created by Manfred Schmidt (1913–1999) Much loved West German private eye NIKOLAUS KUNO FREIHERR von KNATTER has possibly the longest monicker in gumshoe history. No wonder most folks, including his his well-off, hoity-toity parents, prefer to refer to him simply as NICK KNATTERTON. Anyway, whatever you call him, his loopy, tongue-in-cheek comic strip escapades, as chronicled … Continue reading Nick Knatterton (aka “Nikolaus Kuno Freiherr von Knatter”)

Raguel (Murder Mysteries)

Created by Neil Gaiman “And what do you do in the dark, Lucifer?” -- Raguel poses a question I tell ya, eventually everyone shows up here on this site. Sooner or later, everybody dips his toe into the P.I. Pool. In the case of comics whiz and storyteller extraordinaire Neil Gaiman, it was in a … Continue reading Raguel (Murder Mysteries)

Radio Shows & Other Audio Drama/Alphabetical

Old-time radio, new-time radio, straight-to-audio dramitizations, web broadcasts and podcasts. Whatever. But they're all audio dramas of some sort, centered on a private eye or two. Except for the ones that aren't. For more radio info, see Murder in the Library: Radio. A Abbott Mysteries (1945, Mutual) Academy Award Theatre (1946, CBS) Adventures By Morse (1944-45) … Continue reading Radio Shows & Other Audio Drama/Alphabetical