Belinda Prentice (Exposed)

Created by Charles Moran & Royal K. Cole "You were expecting maybe Senator Claghorn?" -- Belinda greets a new client, who's surprised to discover she's a woman In the 1947 B-flick Exposed, wiseass Los Angeles gumshoe BELINDA PRENTICE is hired by the wealthy Colonel Bentry to investigate his stepson and heir Bill Forestman, who's been acting … Continue reading Belinda Prentice (Exposed)

Steve Hastings (Mystery in Mexico)

Created by Muriel Roy Bolton STEVE HASTINGS (William Lundigan) is a Los Angeles insurance dick, dispatched by his boss to look for a stolen necklace- and a missing colleague who may have double-crossed the company--in the Robert Wise-directed Mystery in Mexico (1948, RKO). Steve's pursuit leads him to the man's sister Victoria (Jacqueline White), whom … Continue reading Steve Hastings (Mystery in Mexico)

Jerry Devery (The Tiger Woman)

Created by John Dunkel "You're getting soft, Sylvester. I don't think you broke more than a couple of bones." -- Jerry mouths off to a thug who's just put the hurt on him In the solid little 1945 B-flick The Tiger Woman, private eye JERRY DEVERY (played as a fast-talking smoothie by Kane Richmond) is approached by sexy … Continue reading Jerry Devery (The Tiger Woman)