Karl Craven

Created by Jonathan Latimer (1906-1983) "From the way her buttocks looked under the black silk dress, I knew she’d be good in bed." -- one of the great opening lines in detective fiction. A true hardboiled classic, Jonathan Latimer's Solomon's Vineyard, featuring hard-as-a-rock St. Louis private eye KARL CRAVEN (at least, that's what he claimed … Continue reading Karl Craven

Banned! The Naughty List

Detective, Crime and Mystery Novels That Have Been Banned at One Time or Another   The following hard-boiled and noir crime novels and/or authors have all been banned or restricted at one time or another by countries, schools, libraries and other  guardians of alleged decency. Not that they necessarily stopped anyone from reading them, but … Continue reading Banned! The Naughty List

Mike Kerrigan

Created by Mike Kerrigan As previously noted, Australia wasn't exactly welcoming pulp fiction with open arms in the post-World War II years, actually noting on their own web site that "during most of the 20th century Australia was one of the strictest censors in the western world," frequently banning "what was considered suitable reading in … Continue reading Mike Kerrigan