Sharon McCone

Created by Marcia Muller (1944--) "Marcia Muller is the founding mother of the contemporary female hard-boiled private eye." -- Sue Grafton Generally credited with being the first liberated female private detective of the modern era, Marcia Muller's SHARON McCONE paved the way for the subsequentsuccess of Sue Grafton's Kinsey Millhone, Sara Paretsky's V.I. Warshawski, Laura Lippmann's … Continue reading Sharon McCone

Rae Kelleher

Created by Marcia Muller (1944--) Originally the apprentice of (and later an investigator for) Marcia Muller's Sharon McCone, twenty-something rookie San Francisco private eye RAE KELLEHER has headlined a couple (so far) of pretty good short stories--although, as an employee, her boss is never quite far away. But readers who only know Rae from the … Continue reading Rae Kelleher

Jake Runyon

Created by Bill Pronzini (1943--) First appearing in Bill Pronzini's Spook (2003), JAKE RUNYON is one of the more intriguing "minor" characters I've come across lately. In the book, Pronzini's series hero, Nameless (who now, if you haven't heard, has a name -- it's "Bill") is going into semi-retirement. He and his young associate and … Continue reading Jake Runyon

Nameless (by Bill Pronzini)

Created by Bill Pronzini (1943--) In a master stroke (or maybe just a happy accident), it took Bill Pronzini years to get around to naming his private eye protagonist. But by then he had made him such a well-rounded, finely-drawn character that a name seemed almost superflous. Even now, years later, when we all know … Continue reading Nameless (by Bill Pronzini)

John Quincannon & Sabina Carpenter

John Quincannon Created by Bill Pronzini  Pseudonyms include Jack Foxx, Alex Saxon, Brett Halliday, William Jeffrey, Romer Zane Grey, and Robert Hart Davis (1943 --) Sabina Carpenter Created by Marcia Muller From Bill Pronzini, creator of The Nameless Detective, comes Old West former Secret Service agent JOHN QUINCANNON and his partner, former Pinkerton operative SABINA … Continue reading John Quincannon & Sabina Carpenter

Bill Pronzini

Pseudonyms include Jack Foxx, Alex Saxon, Brett Halliday, William Jeffrey, Romer Zane Grey, and Robert Hart Davis (1943 --) BILL PRONZINI is simply one of the genre's masters. Top of the Line. An Ace Performer. The Bomb. He seems to have taken a crack at just about everything in the mystery genre: noirish thrillers, historicals, locked-room … Continue reading Bill Pronzini