Rae Kelleher

Created by Marcia Muller

Originally the apprentice of (and later an investigator for) Marcia Muller’s Sharon McCone, twenty-something rookie San Francisco private eye RAE KELLEHER has headlined a couple (so far) of pretty good short stories–although, as an employee, her boss is never quite far away.

But readers who only know Rae from the numerous novels she’s appeared in will be relieved to know her personal life seems to be the same old disaster area it always was. It’s also a treat to see McCone, as Steve Lewis of Mystery*File notes,” “through the eyes of someone else, one who considers her a mentor as well as a boss, and a friend.”

Just to keep it all in the family, Rae eventually becomes a part of Sharon’s family (and the series), when she marries the ex-husband, Ricky Savage, of one of the McCones sisters (and the father of Mick Savage, Sharon’s nephew, who occasionally offers his computer hacking services to the agency, and also pops up in the series occasionally.


  • “The Wall” (1993, Criminal Intent)
  • “The Holes in the System” (June 1996, EQMM)


  • McCone and Friends (2000) Buy this book
    Consists of stories told by Sharon McCone, as well as two by her Rae, and one each by the characters Mick Savage, Ted Smalley and Hy Ripinsky.

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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