Jackson Kratz (Eruption)

Created by Justin Welton What the world needs now is... A "porn remake" of Double Indemnity? Yes, that's exactly how A Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Film Noir describes Eruption, an X-rated 1977 cinematic offering that "borrows" the set-up and even lifts some of the dialogue from the 1944 film noir classic, directed by Billy Wilder from … Continue reading Jackson Kratz (Eruption)

Raymond Chandler’s Secret Cameo

Believe it or not, Raymond Chandler actually makes a cameo in the 1944 film, Double Indemnity. About sixteen minutes in, there's the man himself, sitting on a chair outside claim manager Barton Keyes' office as Neff (Fred MacMurray) walks by. Chandler is reading a paperback -- possibly one of his own? Double Indemnity, of course, … Continue reading Raymond Chandler’s Secret Cameo