Queenie Starr

Created by ?? "Hope I get home before this torn dress falls off." -- how come Mike Hammer never worries about that? QUEENIE STARR, "The Glamor Girl of Hollywood," was not a private eye, but she at least deserves mention here as the frequently rescued damsel in distress in a dozen or so comic strip … Continue reading Queenie Starr

Mavis Seidlitz

Created by Carter Brown Pseudonym of Alan Geoffrey Yates Other pseudonyms include Peter Carter Brown, Peter Carter-Brown, Raymond Glenning, Sinclair MacKellar, Dennis Sinclair and Paul Valdez (1923-85) "Ravishingly beautiful" MAVIS SEIDLITZ is "the torrid blonde private eye who plays hard and fast with men...money...and murder." “... a curvy blonde who’s heavy on sex, light on … Continue reading Mavis Seidlitz