Mike Kovac (Man With a Camera)

Created by -- Lieutenant Donovan: "You're not going to shoot him, are you?" Kovac: "After all the trouble I went to, you're darn right I'm gonna shoot him." In the 1958-60 TV Series Man with a Camera, a young Charles Bronson starred as MIKE KOVAC, a former World War II (or was it Korea?) combat … Continue reading Mike Kovac (Man With a Camera)

Philip St. Ives

Created by Oliver Bleeck Pseudonym of Ross Thomas (1926-95) The very urbane PHILIP ST. IVES isn't your average private eye. Sure, he had the traditional P.I. virtues of brain and brawn, but there's no rundown office, no bottle of rotgut in the desk drawer waiting for him at the end of a hard day slogging … Continue reading Philip St. Ives