Gregor Demarkian

Created by Jane Haddam Pseudonym of Orania Papazoglou (1951-2019 ) Okay, okay... I know. I should have done this one a long-time ago. What can I say? And although GREGOR DEMARKIAN probably doesn't really consider himself a private eye (he's even embarrassed that his local paper, The Philadelphia Inquirer, frequently refers to him as "the … Continue reading Gregor Demarkian

Daniel Hawthorne

Created by Anthony Horowitz I’m a long-time admirer of Anthony Horowitz’ crime fiction, both in print and on television.  It’s clear from his joyfully cock-eyed spins on the some of the genre’s most beloved tropes and the countless bodies he’s gleefully left in his wake over a long career, that Horowitz doesn’t just write this … Continue reading Daniel Hawthorne

Doctor Thorndyke

Created by R. Austin Freeman (1863-1943) Although he's not formally a private investigator, DOCTOR JOHN EVELYN THORNDYKE is a freelance consultant often retained by insurance companies and the like to provide expert medical testimony in cases of suspicious deaths and other matters. He doesn't even like being called a detective -- the author referred to … Continue reading Doctor Thorndyke