Paul Temple

Created by Francis Durbridge (1912-1998) "By Timothy!" Once upon a time, one of the most popular private detectives of all time was PAUL TEMPLE. Unless you were American. But Temple ruled the U.K. and much of the Commonwealth, and his exploits entertained millions of fans around the world. He made his first appearance in a BBC … Continue reading Paul Temple

Gregor Demarkian

Created by Jane Haddam Pseudonym of Orania Papazoglou (1951-2019 ) Okay, okay... I know. I should have done this one a long-time ago. What can I say? And although GREGOR DEMARKIAN probably doesn't really consider himself a private eye (he's even embarrassed that his local paper, The Philadelphia Inquirer, frequently refers to him as "the … Continue reading Gregor Demarkian

Daniel Hawthorne

Created by Anthony Horowitz I’m a long-time admirer of Anthony Horowitz’ crime fiction, both in print and on television.  It’s clear from his joyfully cock-eyed spins on some of the genre’s most beloved tropes and the countless bodies he’s gleefully left in his wake over a long career, that Horowitz doesn’t just write this stuff. … Continue reading Daniel Hawthorne

Doctor Thorndyke

Created by R. Austin Freeman (1863-1943) Although he's not formally a private investigator, DOCTOR JOHN EVELYN THORNDYKE is a freelance consultant often retained by insurance companies and the like to provide expert medical testimony in cases of suspicious deaths and other matters. He doesn't even like being called a detective -- the author referred to … Continue reading Doctor Thorndyke