Craig Rice on “How To Write a Mystery Novel”

A bestselling mystery author reveals all. The ever-cheeky Craig Rice had a slew of bestselling mysteries under her belt, including such classics as The Big Budget Murders, Having a Wonderful Crime and Home Sweet Homicide, when she appeared on the cover of Time -- the first mystery writer to do so. But it wasn't the first time she was … Continue reading Craig Rice on “How To Write a Mystery Novel”

Pole Positions

Stripper Detectives Okay, okay, most of these characters ARE NOT private eyes. But they do take their clothes off. I admit it -- I have a definite weakness for stripper/detectives, ever since I read "Angel Face" by Cornell Woolrich, which featured Jerry Wheeler as a stripper who turns gumshoe to save her kid brother from … Continue reading Pole Positions

Gypsy Rose Lee

Created by Gypsy Rose Lee Pseudonym of Rose Louise Hovick (1914-1970) "She's descended from a long line her mother listened to." The most famous stripper/detective/detective novelist of all has to be GYPSY ROSE LEE. Yep, Gypsy Rose Lee, "America's most famous take-it-off artist," wrote a mystery novel, The G-String Murders (1941). in which she herself (who … Continue reading Gypsy Rose Lee

John J. Malone

Created by Craig Rice Pseudonym of Georgiana Ann Randolph Craig (1908-1957) "Never look a Greek in the mouth when he comes bearing a gift horse" Malone said cheerfully. He paused in the act of opening the bottle. "I mean beware of the Greek when he comes bearing a horse in his mouth." -- Malone dispense … Continue reading John J. Malone

Craig Rice

Pseudonym of Georgiana Ann Randolph Craig; other pseudsonyms include Daphne Sanders, George Sanders, Gypsy Rose Lee, Michael Venning (1908-1957) Life Can Be Horrible. That's the name of a screwball short story CRAIG RICE once wrote. It might as well have been her epitath. In its January 28, 1946 issue, Time Magazine selected writer Craig Rice … Continue reading Craig Rice