Byrd (Hawaiian Dick)

Created by B. Clay Moore & Steven Griffin "Thank God the Tiki Bar's still open Thank God the Tiki lights still shine Thank God the Tiki Bar's still open Come on in and open up your mind..." --John Hiatt If Raymond Chandler had worn a few more Hawaiian shirts and learned how to chill, maybe … Continue reading Byrd (Hawaiian Dick)

My Scrapbook: Crime Illustrated

My Scrapbook Crime Illustrated Crime Illustrated was a short-lived magazine from 1955-56 which lived in a weird area somewhere between the pulps and comic books. It promised "Adult Suspense Stories" and boldly claimed to have invented "PICTO-FICTION: A New Form of Adult Entertainment." Uh-huh... It was printed on pulp paper, looked to be about pulp … Continue reading My Scrapbook: Crime Illustrated

Crime Smashers

"Crime Can't Pay -- In Any Way!" --the Crime Smashers tagline A short-lived comic book anthology series from Trojan, Crime Smashers reprinted four of the most popular comic stories once found in the pages of parent corporation Culture Publications' pulp magazines (including Hollywood Detective and Spicy Detective), nestled between the prose short stories and novellas. … Continue reading Crime Smashers

Sally the Sleuth

Created by Adolphe Barreaux Pseudonyms include Charles Barr (1899-1985) One of the oldest comic strip heroes ever, predating even the Man of Steel, SALLY THE SLEUTH first popped up in the November 1934 issue of Culture Publication's Spicy Detective pulp mag, in a steamy little two-page comic back-up feature, nestled in there amongst all the other … Continue reading Sally the Sleuth

Grace Adams & Aunt Agatha

Created by Kin Platt (?)   The Agatha Detective Agency was a part of the supporting cast of Nedor's Captain Future, a costumed superhero very much in the Superman mode who appeared regularly in superhero anthology Startling Comics in the early nineteen forties, alongside such other characters as Pyroman and The Fighting Yank. The agency had just two members: … Continue reading Grace Adams & Aunt Agatha

Pete Fernandez

Created by Alex Segura Everything's definitely not Archie in this one. Alex Segura rocked the boat with his 2013 debut, Silent City, which introduced us to PETE FERNANDEZ, a man who seems to drag around his own personal dark cloud. When we first meet him, in Silent City (2013), he's recently been shitcanned from his … Continue reading Pete Fernandez