Kate Marshall

Created by Robert Bryndza "Would it ever be over?" --Kate Marshall, in Nine Elms There was a whole bunch of Thomas & Mercer-generated buzz about this one, but it was just a little too woozy for me; too much like a soggy, romance rewrite of Silence of the Lambs. In 1995,┬áKATE MARSHALL was a hot … Continue reading Kate Marshall

Elliot Forsman & Rivka Goldstein

Created by Gary Raymond Coffin When we first meet him in Ogrodnik (2016), the first in the series, long-time Montreal criminology professor (he teaches a course in "Logical Deduction" at the university) and part-time private eye ELLIOT FORSMAN is at loose ends, growing older and going nowhere. He's living on plastic cheese, packaged salami of … Continue reading Elliot Forsman & Rivka Goldstein