Dad P.I.s & Other Family Values

Gumshoes With Children (Paternal Division) In a genre where so many protagonists are apparently incapable of reproduction, despite active (or even hyper-active) sex lives, it's kinda refreshing to see provate eyes who are not only capable of reproduction, but also of parenting. Granted, I can't imagine Marlowe pushing a pram, or Warshawski running out to Rite-Aid … Continue reading Dad P.I.s & Other Family Values

Stanley Hastings

Created by Parnell Hall "Not to disparage the work I do, but most of it requires no intelligence whatsoever.'' -- Stanley Hastings to a would-be client in Suspense. ...and now, for your consideration, your entertainment and your amusement, may we present... STANLEY HASTINGS, a P.I. as tough as his name! Our man Stan's a hopelessly … Continue reading Stanley Hastings