Julius Katz & Archie

Created by Dave Zeltserman Pseudonyms include Jacob Stone Hoo-boy, I can't believe it took me so long to get around to doing an entry on this Shamus and Derringer-winning series... JULIUS KATZ is possibly Boston's most brilliant detective -- tougher than Spenser and slicker than Banacek -- even if he does say so himself. Which … Continue reading Julius Katz & Archie

Jackson Donne

Created by Dave White JACKSON DONNE knows a few things about chances. The New Jersey eye's had several. Once upon a time, he was a narcotics cop. That came in handy, since he was also a narcotics user. That came crashing down, leaving Donne on the outs with the police. When we meet him in … Continue reading Jackson Donne

Eamon Gold

Created by Richard Helms Now here's a real San Francisco treat. EAMON GOLDĀ is the real deal, a City-by-the-Bay ex-cop turned private dick with a taste for Glenlivet, Spenseresque wisecracks and tossing darts around his office. He has an office near Fisherman's Wharf (over a small art gallery owned by his sweetie, a smart and statuesque … Continue reading Eamon Gold