Donald Free (Private Detective 62)

Created by Raoul Whitfield Pseudonyms include Ramon Decolta and Temple Field (1896-1945) A trio of short stories by Raoul Whitfield that appeared in Black Mask in 1932 related the adventures of DONALD FREE, a disgraced government agent forced to accept work at a particularly seedy private detective agency. Perhaps more significantly, though, was that the stories … Continue reading Donald Free (Private Detective 62)

Florian Slappey

Created by Octavus Roy Cohen (1891-1959)     Man, those were different times... One of the first black detectives, and an early proto-eye, FLORIAN SLAPPEY was a tall, slim drink of water, a "colored gentleman," a well-dressed and well-known man about town who decides to leave "Bumminham", Alabama" for the bright lights and big city … Continue reading Florian Slappey