Max Thursday

Created by Wade Miller  Pseudonym of Bob Wade (1920-2012) and Bill Miller [1920-1961]) "Outside the sky was the same monotonous gray. The rain was drying into large puddles on Fifth Avenue. Max Thursday watched the early morning traffic and wished for the clean needles of a cold shower and something scalding to change the taste … Continue reading Max Thursday

Frank Corso

Created by Frederick Zackel "Her skirt was shorter than her hair."  Once upon a time, FRANK CORSO was a scruffy, bar-hopping San Francisco private eye, rough around all the edges. Then he met a rich girl, got her pregnant, and married her. Against the wishes of her powerful, well-connected and very disapproving family. A son, … Continue reading Frank Corso

Joe Moran

Created by Dale Clark Pseudonym of Ronal Kayser Other pseudonyms include Clark Clayton (1905-88) "She taught him the steps to a danse macabre." -- the cover blurb of the 1955 paperback Published as half of a 1955 Ace Double (D-109, for those who care about those kinda things), Mambo To Murder by Dale Clark follows former … Continue reading Joe Moran

Joe Coogan

Created by Steve Niles and Bernie Wrightson "No use avoiding the obvious. I was dead." -- Joe faces facts This P.I.'s expired and gone to meet his maker! He's a stiff! Rough and tumble Los Angeles private eye JOE COOGAN's life may not have been much. For over twenty years, he drank in between bouts … Continue reading Joe Coogan