Sam Quinton

Created by Kevin R. Doyle “If you’d been ready for it, I would have hit you a whole lot harder and you’d still be down.” Well, it takes all kinds. SAM QUINTON is a former professional wrestler of all things, turned part-time private investigator and full-time owner of The Blaster gym in Providence, Missouri, trading … Continue reading Sam Quinton

Jed “Hammerhead” Ounstead

Created by A.J. Devlin Fed up with the pro wrestling circuit, JED "HAMMERHEAD" OUNSTEAD hangs up his tights and goes to work as a bouncer at , and helping out with  "some of the leg work from time to time" at his dad Frank's Vancouver, B.C. detective agency in Cobra Clutch (2018). It's a rollicking, good-natured … Continue reading Jed “Hammerhead” Ounstead