Henry Smith

Created by Fredric Brown (1906-72) HENRY SMITH was probably the most developed of Fredric Brown's detective series in which the characters' family name wasn't Hunter. Not that Brown developed poor Henry much, although perhaps that might have actually been the point. Because Henry was a relatively generic guy, just an ordinary working stiff who just … Continue reading Henry Smith

Eddie Anderson

Created by Fredric Brown (1906-72) Pint-size Chicago private eye EDDIE ANDERSON, on the trail of an escaped homicidal maniac, goes undercover in a sanitarium. On his honeymoon, no less. A delightful short story and one of the relatively few short stories by Brown that features an honest-to-goodness P.I. Fredric Brown although, of course, he did¬†write … Continue reading Eddie Anderson

Ed & Am Hunter

Created by Fredric Brown (1906-72) Chicago's own ED and AM HUNTER are one of the best, and most endearing and beloved private eye teams in the genre, and Frederic Brown was one of the most imaginative writers to ever grace the genre, so what's not to like? Young, brash, ambitious, idealistic Ed Hunter and his … Continue reading Ed & Am Hunter

Fredric Brown

Pseudonyms include Bob Woehlke (1906-72) "There are no rules. You can write a story, if you wish, with no conflict, no suspense, no beginning, middle or end. Of course, you have to be regarded as a genius to get away with it, and that's the hardest part -- convincing everybody you're a genius." -- Fredric … Continue reading Fredric Brown