Willie Dante (Dante’s Inferno)

Created by Blake Edwards (1922-2010) In the fifties, realizing he was perhaps a little too long in the tooth to reprise his role as Richard Diamond for television, Dick Powell turned to directing and producing. In 1952, along with David Niven, Charles Boyer and Ida Lupino, Powell created Four Star Television (later Four Star Films), … Continue reading Willie Dante (Dante’s Inferno)

Mike McCoy (The McCoy)

Created by David Friedkin I don't know much about this short-lived series--or was it even a series? It looks like it only made it as far as an audition tape that never aired. Still, it starred Howard Duff as Los Angeles gumshoe MIKE McCOY,¬†who talked tough in his typical, breezy manner, swapped banter with his … Continue reading Mike McCoy (The McCoy)

Charlie Wild

"He's a man's man, but the ladies, too, go for Charlie Wild, Private Eye. Follow him into adventure." -- TV promo CHARLIE WILD was a P.I. with a rather unique back story to his creation. He was basically called in -- QUICKLY! -- as a sub for Dashiell Hammett's SAM SPADE. After years of success, … Continue reading Charlie Wild