Kane Jackson

Created by William Arden Pseudonym of Dennis Lynds (1924-2005) KANE JACKSON is a former MP turned industrial security and corporate counter-espionage specialist, with a hard-earned reputation for competence and getting the job done, tempered only a little by fleeting moments of compassion--a stark contrast to many of the author's other series detectives. He appeared in five … Continue reading Kane Jackson

Paul Shaw

Created by Mark Sadler Pseudonym of Dennis Lynds "Brass knuckles and bottles in the drawer are out. We're Madison Avenue, not Tenth Avenue..." -- Thayer explains the firm's image... "We all do what we must, even though we don't know why..." -- Paul philosophizes Tall, handsome, well-dressed PAUL SHAW is every inch the polished NYC … Continue reading Paul Shaw

William “Billy” Wallace

Created by Ed Lacy Pseudonym of Leonard S. Zinberg (1911-1968) "I was afraid my heart would burst if I took another step." One year after he suffered his first heart attack, author Ed Lacy published Bugged For Murder (1961) about a middle-aged private eye, WILLIAM "Billy" WALLACE, who has a bad ticker ticker himself, and is … Continue reading William “Billy” Wallace