Johnny Staccato (Staccato)

Created by Dick Berg "A smooth man on the ivories, hot on the trigger and cool in a jam -- he's the toughest private eye to hit America in a decade." -- from the paperback blurb JOHNNY STACCATO¬†(played by John Cassavetes) was a pianist who sometimes played at Waldo's, a Greenwich Village jazz hangout in … Continue reading Johnny Staccato (Staccato)

Harry MacNeil

Created by H. Paul Jeffers Pseudonyms include M. T. Jefferson & Harry Paul Lonsdale (1934--) HARRY MacNEIL is a New York P. I. who appeared in three books, all set in the Big Apple in the years leading up to World War II. Rubout at the Onyx (1981)¬†is a private eye story, but by no … Continue reading Harry MacNeil

Peter Gunn

Created by Blake Edwards (1922-2010) Suave, sophisticated, hep to the jive, groovin' to the oh-so-cool jazzbo-beat, PETER GUNN was like nothing ever seen before on television or anywhere else, really. He was a new kind of eye. While other dicks hung out in rundown offices, swilling rotgut, living hand to mouth, loners till the end, … Continue reading Peter Gunn