Mr. Chapel (Vengeance Unlimited)

Created by John McNamara (1962--) and David Simkins "Like you know that show 'Touched by an Angel'? Well, this ain't it." Vengeance Unlimited, a short-lived TV drama from 1998-99t may have been just a little too hip for the room. Michael Madsen starred as the enigmatic, charming, and very sick puppy, MR. CHAPEL, a man … Continue reading Mr. Chapel (Vengeance Unlimited)

Harlan Judd (Eyes)

Created by John McNamara Eyes was a "promising" (Hah! Where have we heard that before?) new private detective drama, heavy on the wry, originally scheduled for the 2004-05 TV season. For whatever reasons, its debut was postponed, and it finally made its debut in March 2005. It starred Tim Daly as slick-as-spit, wisecrackingĀ HARLAN JUDD, the … Continue reading Harlan Judd (Eyes)