Siobhan O’Brien

Created by Sung J. Woo An intriguing and  button-pushing debut, Skin Deep (2020) pokes into all sorts of ideas about identity, race, image and the nature-versus-nurture fandango, and introduces us to middle-aged Korean-American rookie P.I. SIOBHAN O'BRIEN. Very Korean-sounding, huh? Turns out she was adopted by an Irish father and a Norweigan mother as an infant) … Continue reading Siobhan O’Brien

Sam Sumida/Jimmy Park (Woman With a Blue Pencil)

Created by Gordon McAlpine Pseudonyms include Owen Fitzstephen Your first instinct might be to run when you hear the high-minded praise for this “brilliantly structured labyrinth of a novel—postmodernist in its experimental bravado,” as Joyce Carol Oates calls it. But relax.  In Woman With a Blue Pencil (2015), Gordon McAlpine doesn’t just write just for the … Continue reading Sam Sumida/Jimmy Park (Woman With a Blue Pencil)