Wes Kaine

Created by Lester Dent (1905-1959) "But for all his half-pint size, freckles and grin, quite a few alleged hard actors in the big town had taken to crossing the street when they saw little Kaine coming." Yet another of Lester "Doc Savage" Den't's colourful private eyes, WES KAINE was an interesting mash-up of Dent's more … Continue reading Wes Kaine

Dave Lacy

Created by Lester Dent (1905-1959) "The Cavern of Heads,” a short story that ran in the March 1933 issue of Ten Detective Aces, goes for it right from the start, with a package being delivered to New York-based Baxter Protective Agency, where detective DAVE "DIDDLE" LACY works. Inside the box? The head of Jettimore Baxter, the … Continue reading Dave Lacy

Cleve Dane

Created by Lester Dent (1905-1959) "The Great Dane just went around with his eyes open and his head working. He saw things. Things other people missed. And he drew quick conclusions from what he saw. A lot of tough breaks had taught him that trick." Yikes! Borrowing a page from his Doc Savage yarns, Dent's … Continue reading Cleve Dane

Steve Harden

Created by Lester Dent (1905-1959) In his only known appearance, “The Devil’s Cargo,” gray-eyed private eye STEVE HARDEN of The Harden Agency doesn’t have to tangle with any of the super gruesome stuff many of Dent's other private dicks had to deal with, or use any ahead-of-their-time gadgets but, according to James Reasoner, "it’s still a good detective … Continue reading Steve Harden

Curt Flagg

Created by Lester Dent Writing as A Newspaperman, A London Detective, A Police Reporter & John Wiley (1905-1959) "It takes big, thick fingers and tremendous strength to clasp a man's face with one hand, seize his throat with the other, and break his neck." -- the first line of the first Curt Flagg story. Let's get … Continue reading Curt Flagg

Lynn Lash

Created by Lester Dent (1905-1959) Lester Dent was best known, of course, for Doc Savage, but the first of his gadget-obsessed sleuths was LYNN LASH. Although he (sorry, ladies -- this Lynn's a dude) only appeared in two published stories, Lynn serving as an important stepping stone towards the creation of a certain Man of … Continue reading Lynn Lash

Foster Fade “The Crime Spectacularist”

Created by Lester Dent (1905-1959) Yet another of Doc Savage creator Lester Dent's "gadget detectives," FOSTER FADE aka "The Crime Spectacularist," appeared in the thirties in All Detective Magazine. Unlike the Man of Bronze or Lynn Lash, Dent's first gadget detective, Foster works for a living. He may call himself the "Crime Spectacularist," but he's basically a private … Continue reading Foster Fade “The Crime Spectacularist”

Chance Molloy

Created by Lester Dent (1905-1959) "Patience was a garment Molloy did not wear well." --from Lady to Kill When Doc Savage creator Lester Dent turned to more realistic crime fiction in the mid-forties, he penned two highly regarded hard-boiled novels about CHANCE MOLLOY, the tough-as-nails but hot-headed, impulsive owner of a fledgling South American airline … Continue reading Chance Molloy

Lester Dent’s Rogues Gallery

An Ever-Growing List of Lester Dent's Detective Characters Kenneth Robeson was the prolific author of about a jillion pulp stories, and was best known as the creator of the Doc Savage series. But his real name was Lester Dent. And under that name and an avalanche of other pseudonyms and house names that included H.O. Cash, … Continue reading Lester Dent’s Rogues Gallery

Ed Stone

Created by Kenneth Robeson Pseudonym of Lester Dent (1905-1959) ED STONE was a former prizefighter who reluctantly became a private eye to make ends meet, yet somehow, somewhere along the way he'd acquired a Chinese valet named One. Ed shouldn't kick about it too much, though -- One is the brains behind the outfit, the … Continue reading Ed Stone