John Justin Mallory

Created by Mike Resnick (1942-2020) Dragons? Vampires? Unicorns? Mallory's your man. Down on his luck (naturally) Big Apple gumshoe JOHN JUSTIN MALLORY needs a bit of sunshine in his life when we first meet him in 1987's Stalking the Unicorn. His wife has has run off with his partner, who's--surprise, surpise-- also taken a powder. … Continue reading John Justin Mallory

Eli Paxton

Created by Mike Resnick (1942-2020) "Marlowe's my dog. I don't like him much, and he's not real fond of me..." -- Eli in The Trojan Colt Noted sci-fi writer (and closet mystery fan) Resnick cried havoc and let slip a shaggy dog of a tale in 2001's Dog in the Manger. Down-but-not-quite-out fiftyish private eye … Continue reading Eli Paxton