I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts

Things That Go Bump in the Night, and the Eyes Who Go After Them Here there be monsters. And ghosts and vampires and demons and elves and fairies and zombies, woo-woo up the yin-yang and well, you get the idea.¬†The following eyes go after some strange game. Only the settings are familiar.... sometimes. Suffice it … Continue reading I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts

Hank Steiner (Monster Detective)

Created by Scott R. Schmidt So there are humans, and there are monsters. And they all live together in Tower City, which is conveniently separated into the Human Side and the Monster Side. Convenient, that is, for the human authorities, who view monsters as second class citizens, be they goblin, vampires, imps or whatever, relegating … Continue reading Hank Steiner (Monster Detective)

Cal McDonald

Created by Steve Niles ¬†Booze and pills are the least of his demons... CAL McDONALD is another eye chasing things that go bump in the night, a sort of unlicensed private occult detective who appears in a string of novels and decidedly adult comic Criminal Macabre series by Steve Niles. With his zombie traveling companion … Continue reading Cal McDonald