David Carroll

Created by Octavus Roy Cohen (1891-1959) If Octavus Roy Cohen is remembered at all these days, it's for his two early detectives: fat, folksy white private eye Jim Hanvey and buffoonish black sometime-detective Florian Slappy, and the latter's unflattering and unfortunate caricatures of African-Americans. Granted, those were different times, and there doesn't seem to be … Continue reading David Carroll

Jim Hanvey

  Created by Octavus Roy Cohen(1891-1959) Down these mean streets a man must waddle... One of the earliest American private eyes to gain any real popularity, Octavus Roy Cohen's JIM HANVEY was already appearing in The Saturday Evening Post a year before John Carroll Daly's Three Gun Terry, although his style tended to run more to … Continue reading Jim Hanvey

Florian Slappey

Created by Octavus Roy Cohen (1891-1959)     Man, those were different times... One of the first black detectives, and an early proto-eye, FLORIAN SLAPPEY was a tall, slim drink of water, a "colored gentleman," a well-dressed and well-known man about town who decides to leave "Bumminham", Alabama" for the bright lights and big city … Continue reading Florian Slappey