David Cleveland

Created by Dick Francis (1920-2010) DAVID CLEVELAND, the hero of Dick Francis' Slay Ride, a 1973 standalone, is the chief investigator for the British Jockey Club. There were a series of TV-movies, possibly Canadian-made, based on Francis's books, which used the Cleveland character as their continuing hero, substituting Cleveland for whoever actually served as the … Continue reading David Cleveland

Red Drake

Created by W.T. Ballard (Willis Todhunter Ballard) Pseudonyms include P. D. Ballard, Harrison Hunt, Neil MacNeil, John Shepherd (1903-80) With Black Mask editor Cap Shaw buying every Bill Lennox story W.T. Ballard submitted, ¬†Shaw's boss, Phil Cody, urged him to lay off Lennox for a while. So Shaw suggested Ballard cook up another series character. … Continue reading Red Drake