Harry Petry (Hollywood Harry)

Created by Curt Allen "Fast women, Hard Liquor. And a detective without a clue." -- the tagline "I am not a character out of a god damn book". -- Harry gripes about his lot in life The always reliable Robert Forster (Banyon, Jackie Brown, Karen Sisco, etc.) dishes out another solid performance, this time as … Continue reading Harry Petry (Hollywood Harry)

Miles Banyon (Banyon)

Created by Ed Adamson "The private eye of the thirties returns." -- tag on the paperback novelization MILES C. BANYON (played Robert Forster) was an ex-cop turned lone-wolf private eye, working in 1930s Los Angeles, in Banyon, a short-lived NBC television show back in the seventies. (The very similar City of Angels and Manhunter, both period pieces, … Continue reading Miles Banyon (Banyon)

Mike Kendall (Small Town Crime)

Created by Eshom Nelms and Ian Nelms Client: "You drunk?" Mike: "I'm comfortable." Fresh off 2016's entertaining little P.I. mind-fuck Too Late and a small but engaging role in 2017's Oscar-contending Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri comes actor John Hawkes in yet another juicy performance, once again as a battered yet oddly compelling loser. Small … Continue reading Mike Kendall (Small Town Crime)