Andy Brice

Created by Lee Roberts Pseudonym of Robert Martin (1908-76) Ohio private eye ANDY BRICE only appeared in one novel, as far as I can figure out, 1952's Little Sister by Lee Roberts, but his ancestry goes back a little further. The paperback original was actually an expanded version of "Pardon My Poison," an earlier short story by … Continue reading Andy Brice

Lee Fiske

Created by Robert Martin Pseudonyms include Lee Roberts (1908-76) Although Robert Martin's best known for the long string of novelettes and novels he wrote about Cleveland, Ohio gumshoe Jim Bennett (and his secretary and future wife, Sandy Hollis), he also penned several pulp shorts about equally sympathetic private eye LEE FISKE , occasionally under the pen name of Lee … Continue reading Lee Fiske

Jim Bennett

Created by Robert Martin  Pseudonyms include Lee Roberts (1908-1976) Cleveland, Ohio's own JIM BENNETT was a rarity in detective fiction in the fifties--a happily-married man. Thomas Dewey, Bart Spicer and James M. Fox are about the only other writers of this period that seemed to stray from the whole lone wolf/P.I. thing. His long-suffering wife … Continue reading Jim Bennett