Dirk Gently

Created by Douglas Adams (1952-2001) THAT Douglas Adams? The guy with the BBC show and the Vogons and the towels and the three-armed Betelgeusians? Yup, that Douglas Adams. So now he's writing about trenchcoats, fedoras, smoky jazz, and femmes fatales? Well, no... Even in an era of maverick and increasingly non-traditional P.I.'s, DIRK GENTLY defies … Continue reading Dirk Gently

The New York Trilogy

Daniel Quinn, Blue and Nameless (aka "Fanshawe's Friend") Created by Paul Auster (also writes as Paul Benjamin) "(They are) seething with possibilities, with secrets and contradictions. since everything seen or said, however trivial, can bear a connection to the story's outcome, nothing must be overlooked. Everything becomes essence." -- Quinn explains why he loves mystery … Continue reading The New York Trilogy